What are FAANG Stocks?

What are FAANG Stocks: The FAANG acronym is a variation of FANG, which was coined by CNBC television’s Mad Money host, Jim Cramer. FANG originally stood for the stock ticker symbols of a handful of the largest and best-performing tech stocks at the time: FB (Facebook), AMZN (Amazon), NFLX (Netflix), and GOOG (Alphabet). AAPL (Apple) was later added on (it’s unclear why it was excluded in the first place) to coin the new acronym, FAANG.

Category: Informal grouping of stocks

How is FAANG Used: FAANG has been used to describe a group of high-flying technology growth stocks and market bellwethers that have garnered exceptionally strong interest from investors and the media alike. When the term was first coined, these stocks were among the most popular investment vehicles for both institutional and individual investors. The popularity of these stocks has continued to remain high, but has since waxed and waned.

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