The Rise and Fall of Apple (AAPL) Stock

Chart of the Rise and Fall of Apple (AAPL) Stock
Chart of the Rise and Fall of Apple (AAPL) Stock – Source: and TradingView

The chart above needs very little explanation. It’s simply a graphical depiction of the rise and fall of Apple (AAPL) stock within the past year. This chart is especially relevant right now. As you may have seen or heard in the past few days, AAPL took another massive dive on Thursday.

Latest Plunge for Apple (AAPL) Stock

The huge gap down and extended fall occurred after Apple CEO Tim Cook issued a letter to investors late Wednesday. In that letter, he lowered the company’s revenue outlook down to $84 billion from the previous forecast range of $89-$93 billion. Cook blamed much of the substantially lower revenue forecast on weakening demand for iPhones from China. This is due to both a slowing Chinese economy and threats of a U.S.-China trade war.

AAPL’s plunge ensued in after-market trading on Wednesday and continued in earnest throughout Thursday. When the dust settled on Thursday’s close, Apple’s stock had fallen nearly 10% to its lowest level since July 2017. It was also the largest one-day loss for the stock in more than six years.

The Chart

The chart above highlights some of the key technical and fundamental events during Apple’s rapid fall within the past three months. Of course, a good portion of AAPL’s plummet was due to the sharp drop in the equity markets overall and technology stocks in particular. But Apple has had its own severe problems that have contributed significantly to its recent downfall.

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