Dow’s 5 Biggest Losers for the Quarter

Chart of Dow's Biggest Losers for the Quarter
Chart of Dow’s Biggest Losers for the Quarter – Source: and TradingView

Which individual stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA, or Dow) have been bringing the index and the entire market down during this disastrous fourth quarter of 2018? Well, almost all of them. Only 3 of the 30 Dow stocks are still up modestly for the last quarter (as of Monday’s market close). They are: MRK (Merck), PG (Proctor & Gamble), and MCD (McDonald’s). The rest of the Dow stocks – a full 90% – are down either moderately or by a whole lot. Although we like to talk much more about winners, the sorry state of the markets now compels us to present the worst of a truly horrendous quarter for the Dow and the rest of the stock market. Here are the Dow’s biggest losers for the quarter:

  • UTX: United Technologies
  • DWDP: DowDuPont
  • IBM: International Business Machines
  • GS: Goldman Sachs
  • AAPL: Apple

The Scary Stats

Less than three months ago, it would’ve been hard to imagine that Apple (AAPL) would soon become the worst Dow performer for the quarter by the tail-end of 2018. But it’s happened. The fall of tech and FAANG stocks, along with the entire market, exacerbated an already-lowered outlook for iPhone sales. The result has been a precipitous fall for the once-mighty Apple that has taken the stock deep into bear market territory during the fourth quarter.

Goldman Sachs’ (GS) stock is not any better off. The investment bank has been entangled in allegations that it was paid substantial fees for deals involving the Malaysian government’s state investment fund. Billions of dollars were later found to be stolen in those deals. GS stock is now in an even worse bear market than AAPL.

Here are some of the key performance statistics for all five of these worst-performing Dow stocks:

  • AAPL – Performance Past Quarter: -33.50%, Performance Year-to-Date: -13.24%
  • GS – Performance Past Quarter: -32.87%, Performance Year-to-Date: -38.63%
  • IBM – Performance Past Quarter: -28.30%, Performance Year-to-Date: -29.89%
  • DWDP – Performance Past Quarter: -28.02%, Performance Year-to-Date: -31.07%
  • UTX – Performance Past Quarter: -27.28%, Performance Year-to-Date: -20.00%

We really don’t enjoy sounding gloomy or pessimistic, especially during the holiday season. But the markets are undeniably in bad shape. We’re hoping for, but not necessarily expecting, a much better start in the New Year.

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