About The Technicals

About The Technicals: TheTechnicals.com is your top resource for up-to-the-minute insights on the financial markets derived from technical analysis and other highly effective market strategies. We provide pointed analysis and market directions for individual stocks, ETFs, indexes, commodities, bonds, and currencies using our proprietary analytical methodologies.

TheTechnicals.com consists of a group of highly seasoned market analysts (with over 60 years of combined market experience) who utilize our proprietary systems and strategies in order to provide the most accurate and actionable market guidance in the industry.

Several members of The Technicals Team have been featured in the following financial media for their market expertise:

As Seen on Bloomberg TV, CNBC, Forbes, WSJ, Reuters

As a key component of our market strategies, TheTechnicals.com has developed an exclusive precision rating system (based on the principle of confluence) for a wide variety of asset classes, which has been used by both institutional and individual investors to dramatically improve trading performance.

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