5 Most Heavily Traded Stocks

Chart of the Most Heavily Traded Stocks - AMD, BAC, AAPL, F, GE
Chart of the Most Heavily Traded Stocks – AMD, BAC, AAPL, F, GE – Source: TheTechnicals.com and TradingView

For traders, investors, and even much of the general public, the stocks that we feature here are household names. And there’s a good reason for this. The companies behind these stocks are truly iconic and have historically been leaders in their respective industries and sectors. As a result, these stocks generate a tremendous level of interest throughout each trading day. In turn, their highly elevated trading volumes generate even more trading interest, providing for among the best liquidity available in the markets. Here, we give you the five most heavily traded stocks in the U.S. as of late January 2019.

5 Most Heavily Traded Stocks

The five stocks below are listed in descending order of average daily trading volume (as of the market close on 1/25/2019). Listed beside each stock is the actual average daily trading volume and 1-year performance as of the 1/25/2019 close.

  • GE: General Electric | Average Daily Trading Volume: 140 Million | 1-Year Performance: -44.28%
  • AMD: Advanced Micro Devices | Average Daily Trading Volume: 103 Million | 1-Year Performance: +72.54%
  • BAC: Bank of America | Average Daily Trading Volume: 76 Million | 1-Year Performance: -7.82%
  • F: Ford Motor | Average Daily Trading Volume: 50 Million | 1-Year Performance: -26.47%
  • AAPL: Apple Inc | Average Daily Trading Volume: 44 Million | 1-Year Performance: -9.45%

How the Stocks Stack Up

As we can see from the list, the stocks vary widely in terms of their recent performance. General Electric and Ford have both been hit severely in the past year. Apple endured a tough plunge starting in October of 2018 but has been clawing its way back since the beginning of this year. Bank of America also had a rough time last year but recently shot up after its mid-January earnings beat.

As for AMD, the stock spent April-September of last year skyrocketing. But starting in late September, it gave back a substantial portion of its previous gains and entered into a choppy trading range. Still, AMD’s one-year performance has been a whopping +72%. The company’s highly anticipated earnings release is scheduled for this week on Tuesday, January 29, after the market close. (Check out our popular Market Events & Earnings Calendar for more information on company earnings and economic events.)

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